Hunger Relief and Healthy Food Access

FEAST Wellness Program

Feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally is possible with support from Community Action’s FEAST Wellness Program. Our group wellness program supports individuals and their families in increasing their health and wellness.

FEAST stands for Food, Education, Access, and Support, Together. The group wellness program provides support on three levels:

  • Education: Nutrition discussions, recipe and cooking demonstrations to make healthy eating satisfying, affordable, and delicious.
  • Access: Free access to fresh, whole foods through every class.
  • Support: A safe space to explore current eating habits and receive group support to create healthier new beginnings with food.


Included in each FEAST group are 12 weeks of meetings with group leaders and peers, plus individual support for interested participants. At each meeting, participants discuss valuable health and wellness topics. Each meeting builds on information about useful health and wellness skills that participants can immediately begin implementing at home. Each meeting will also focus on creation of a unique recipe, with demonstrations included for participants to safely follow at home. Benefits of participation include:

  • Learn new cooking skills
  • Explore barriers to healthy eating
  • Gain health and wellness support from peers
  • Discover healthy, budget-friendly recipes to make at home

Meetings will occur via Zoom until further notice. Participants may borrow devices to connect if needed (limited number available). 


Questions about FEAST? Want to learn more or enroll?

Sheila Stratton
Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Community Action
(402) 875-9329


The FEAST program model was piloted in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to “promote health and wellness in communities through the power of healthy foods and human connection.” It has since expanded to multiple cities and states across the country. Learn more here.