You can help keep people warm this winter!

Brr! It's that time of year once again: winter in Nebraska. We all know how uncomfortable it is to be cold. Warm clothing items like hats, socks, and gloves make the freezing temperatures a little more bearable, but not everyone has access to such items. 

You can help us keep people warm this winter by purchasing and donating a warm winter clothing item from our Amazon Wish List! In doing so, the item you purchase will be shipped directly to us, and we will distribute to guests visiting our Gathering Place soup kitchen this winter. Making a difference in someone's life is just a couple clicks away! 

Have questions, or want to discuss another way to support? Contact Jessie Hedrick at (402) 875-9338 or Heather Loughman at (402) 875-9339. 

Thank you, and Happy New Year!