Back to Basics

We all have basic needs. Together, we can care for our community.

For those living in poverty, instability can seem never-ending, and meeting basic needs unattainable. This back-to-school season, Community Action is partnering with B&R Stores (Super Saver and Russ's Market) to go Back to the Basics, bringing essential items to community members who might otherwise go without. 

"What are 'the basics,' exactly?"

Basics are everyday essentials like soap, laundry supplies, and diapers. The cost of these items can be significant, especially for those already living below the poverty level.

We need you help.

Your $10-or-greater tax-deductible donation could provide someone else with much-needed basics. The more you give, the greater your impact. You can think of it this way: 

  • $10 can fund a Personal Care Kit with basics like soap, shampoo, and deodorant for a neighbor working toward economic stability. 
  • $15 can fund a Home Care Kit with basics like cleaners, dish soap, and laundry supplies for a family transitioning out of homelessness.
  • $20 can fund a Baby Care Kit with basics like diapers, wipes, and baby wash for a child growing into success.

We hope to raise $7,500 before August 31st to provide the basics to at least 500 Community Action participants. Basics will be distributed through Community Action programs, FREE of charge.

Let's do this! Click here to donate.

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