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Through 17 distinct programs and services, Community Action works to provide immediate assistance to people living in poverty in Lancaster and Saunders Counties, but more central to our mission – empowers them to achieve long-term economic stability. 

In our most recent fiscal year, Community Action served 15,978 individuals, which accounts for approximately 40 percent of the low-income population in our community.

Programs at Community Action are designed to create a continuum of services that can work independently, but also function as a pathway to self-reliance. Our continuum begins with meeting basic needs, moves to skills development, and finally economic stability. Case Managers empower participants to resolve individual and systemic barriers through a culturally respectful, family-focused approach that uses a household’s strengths as a foundation for progress. Community Action continues to build on its successes through collaboration and innovation, while maintaining the integrity and quality of service delivery.

For a visual representation of our program and service offerings, please view our Organizational Chart here.

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