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Lease Violations

7 Day Notice

If the tenant has failed to pay the rent by the due date (or any grace period that may apply), the landlord may serve the tenant with a 7-day notice of nonpayment of rent. Once the tenant receives a 7-day notice, the tenant has 7 days from the date of the notice to pay the rent in full, including any late fees which may apply. If the tenant presents the rent in full (including late fees) during those seven days, the landlord MUST accept the rent. If the tenant presents part of the rent during those seven days, or if the tenant presents the full rent after those seven days, the landlord may choose to accept or reject the payment. If the landlord accepts partial rent, then the landlord has to serve another 7-day notice before starting the eviction process.

What to do if you get a 7-Day Notice:

Immediately contact your landlord to arrange to pay the rent. If you can pay the rent in full within the seven days, do so. If you cannot, approach the landlord with as much as you can pay and make a plan to pay the rest. If your landlord agrees to your payment plan, write it down and have both you and your landlord sign it. Give your landlord a copy and keep a copy yourself.

Nebraska Statute 76-1431(2)

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