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14-Day Notice to Landlord

Below is a sample 14-day notice of termination to the landlord. For more information about this notice, see 14-Day/30-Day Notice to Landlord. If you have not issued a 14-day/30-day notice to your landlord within the last six months for this same issue, you should NOT use this notice. Click here for the 14-day/30-day notice. To use this sample, take out the information between brackets and replace it with information specific to your situation. Use the link below the notice to download a sample form.

14-Day Notice of Noncompliance

To: [Larry Landlord
123 Landlord Lane
Lincoln, NE 68508]

From: [Terry and Theresa Tenant
123 Tenant Trail
Lincoln, NE 68508]

I am writing to notify you that you have failed to substantially comply with our lease agreement and/or minimum standards of the Housing Code in the following ways: [the drain under the kitchen sink leaks.] This violation is the same violation that was the subject of the 14-day/30-day Notice of Noncompliance dated [5/22/2015].

Because this violation happened a second time within 6 months after the first notice, I/we will terminate our lease 14 days from the date of this notice. (N.R.S. §76-1425(1)). Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

[Terry Tenant]                                             [Theresa Tenant]

Dated: [8/28/2013]

Certificate of Service

The undersigned hereby certifies that a true and accurate copy of the above and foregoing was [_X_]mailed first class postage prepaid ____ hand delivered on: [8/28/2015] to:

[Larry Landlord
123 Landlord Lane
Lincoln, NE 68508]                                     [Theresa Tenant]

Click here to download the sample form.

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