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Abuse of Access

Below is a sample of the Notice a tenant would use to terminate the lease in response to a landlord's abuse of access to the property. For more information, see Access. To use this sample, take out the information between brackets and replace it with information specific to your situation. Use the link below the notice to download a sample form.

Notice of Termination

To: [Larry Landlord
123 Landlord Lane
Lincoln, NE 68508] 

From: [Terry and Theresa Tenant
123 Tenant Trail
Lincoln, NE 68508]

I am writing to notify you the rental agreement for the property at [123 Tenant Trail, Lincoln, NE 68508] will terminate immediately because you abused your right to access to the property on [04/21/2015] by entering the property in the absence of an emergency without invitation or proper notice.

As stated in Neb. Rev. Stat. §§76-1423 and 76-1438, please refund all prepaid rent and security along with the damges of [$750], which is the greater of one month’s rent or the actual damages which were suffered as a result of your abuse of access.You may send the amounts to the following address: [123 Newhouse Ave, Lincoln, NE 68508].  Thank you for your consideration on this matter.


[Terry Tenant]                                         [Theresa Tenant]

Dated: [04/29/2015]


Certificate of Service

The undersigned hereby certifies that a true and accurate copy of the above and foregoing was (check all that apply) [_X_]mailed first class postage prepaid ____ hand delivered on: [04/29/2015]

​To: [Larry Landlord
123 Landlord Lane
Lincoln, NE 68508]                                 [Theresa Tenant]

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