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Request An Interpreter

Request an Interpreter

Are you already a customer? If so, click here to login. If you are not a customer and need a login/password, click here. The benefit of becoming a LanguageLinc customer is your information will be automatically filled in the next time you request an interpreter! Below is our online request form for On-Site Interpretation Service.


Customer/Billing Information
Interpreter Request Information
For immediate over the phone interpretation, call 402-473-2940
Post NA if none apply
If not available, type "NA"
(MM/DD/YY) If not available, enter "00/00/00"
we do not provide ASL interpreters, please call 1-800-545-6244 to request ASL

Print or copy this page before you submit your request!

LanguageLinc believes effective interpretation and translation services are key to good communication.