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Our Mission

Benefit to using LanguageLinc

Our interpreters undergo extensive training and independent assessment in the following areas:

  • Language fluency in English and native language
  • Interpreting skills
  • Interpreting protocols
  • Industry terminology and professionalism required for specific settings

Using LanguageLinc Interpreters promotes improved service delivery, access to services, and safeguards your company through compliance and liability issues. As you know, an increasing number of governmental and regulatory compliance policies require your health care facility to have interpreters in place to ensure limited English-speaking patients have the same access to quality services as do English-speaking patients.

Key compliance policies that healthcare providers need to adhere to include:

  • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (OCR Guidance of 2000)
  • OMH CLAS standards, HIPAA, NCQA and JCAHO accreditation standards.

Professional On-Site Interpreters

A reliable approach to interpretation is to use professional on-site interpreters. Nonverbal communication makes up a large portion of language. LanguageLinc LLC Interpreters are individuals who have been screened for their language skills, trained in interpretation ethics and techniques, and contracted only to interpret. On-Site Interpreters need notice for assignments so please allow 30 minutes minimum (within Lincoln, Nebraska city limits) to arrive at your requested location. Please indicate if you have a gender preference when requesting an interpreter.

Telephonic Interpretation

A variation of the professional on-site interpreter model is the use of telephonic interpretation. LanguageLinc can provide you with an interpreter over the phone (OPI) on demand by calling 1-888-469-6555 or 402-473-2940 without any advance planning. Call or email LanguageLinc for rates.

Online Scheduling

LanguageLinc also offers online scheduling for not so immediate needs, if you choose. Schedule an interpreter for a day, by the hour or for several appointments. You will receive email notification of your request, and confirmation of an interpreter name within 24 hours from LanguageLinc. If the email is not provided if you wish we will call the phone number provided. All online requests must be made over 24 hour notice. For immediate request call 402-473-2940 or toll free 1-888-469-6555.
LanguageLinc also provides translation services of written material. For quotes or estimates please email

LanguageLinc believes effective interpretation and translation services are key to good communication.