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Tax Preparation Services

What is the Tax Prep Program?
Community Action’s Tax Prep program offers free tax preparation services to low-to moderate-income individuals and families in our community. Those individuals or households earning less than $66,000 per year may be eligible for tax prep services at no cost to them. The 2019 tax season at Community Action runs from January 28 – April 15, 2019.

For the 2019 tax season, filing your taxes has never been easier. Community Action is offering no lines, no waiting, drop off only services this year. Taxes will be prepared by appointment only by following these simple steps:

Call Community Action at: 402-471-4515 to make an appointment. Appointments will last approximately 30 minutes. You will need to bring all of your tax paperwork with you to drop off at this time (see list below of required items).

At your appointment you will be offered the opportunity to sign-up for a financial check-up, where you can review your credit and plan how best to save and use your refund.

One week after your intake appointment you will come back in for an exit appointment to review and sign your return. This review will ensure that you understand your return and have all of your questions answered.

Community Action will start taking calls to schedule appointments beginning on Monday, January 14, 2019. Call 402-471-4515 or use the scheduling widget at the top of this page to make an appointment.

Click Here to download our intake sheet to fill out and bring to your appointment. For the intake form in Spanish Click Here.

If you plan to itemize deductions (list out specific expenses like medical care, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and gifts to charity INSTEAD of taking the standard deduction), Click Here to download our itemized deductions sheet to help organize and summarize your expenses. Click Here for the itemized deduction sheet in Spanish.

If you were self-employed or an independent contractor, Click Here to download our self-employment sheet to help organize and summarize your gross receipts and expenses. Fill out a separate sheet for each different activity.  For the self-employment sheet in Spanish Click Here.

To have your taxes prepared please bring the following:


· Social Security Cards or ITIN Letters/Cards for EVERYONE who
will be included on the return

· Photo ID for ALL tax return signers
(BOTH spouses must sign if filing jointly)


· W-2s for wages, W-2Gs for gambling income, 1099s for interest,
dividends, unemployment, state tax refunds, pension or 401-K
distributions, and other income

· Records of revenue from self-employment or home-based businesses


· 1098s for mortgage interest, student loan interest (1098-E), or
  tuition (1098-T), statement of property tax paid

· Statement of student account showing all charges and payments
  for each college student on the return

· Childcare receipts, including name, tax ID, address for provider

· 1095s showing health insurance coverage

· Records of expenses for self-employment or home-based businesses

· Checking or Savings account information for direct deposit


Click Here to review the questions you answered while making your appointment and find out what additional information you need to bring. Click Here for the Spanish version.