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Careers at LanguageLinc Interpretation Services, LLC

LanguageLinc’s objective is to facilitate communication between people of different countries and cultures while providing job opportunities targeting low-income individuals, immigrants, and refugees. LanguageLinc Interpretation Services provides 24/7 over-the phone and on-site interpretation for Nebraska and the surrounding states.

Training Opportunities

Interpreter training is available through Southeast Community College in Lincoln Nebraska (402) 437-2722. After successful completion of the Interpreter Training you can submit your resume information by contacting


  • Completed ESL Level 7 or placement test through SCC
  • High School diploma or equivalency
  • Successful completion of Interpreter Training classes

Interpreter Training Courses can be accessed through Southeast Community College (402) 437-2722

The Role of the Interpreter

40-hr Course - Required. This practice-oriented course will immediately immerse students in focused discussions, lectures and problem-solving activities that highlight the everyday interpreting issues.

After completion of the Role of the Interpreter training, students may choose specific training from the following courses:

Introduction to Medical Interpreting– 40 hrs

Introduction to Community and Law Enforcement Interpreting – 40 hrs

Introduction to Court Interpreting– 40 hrs

Intermediate Medical Interpreting

  • Emergency Room
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology
  • Pediatrics, Neonatal
  • Behavioral Health

LanguageLinc believes effective interpretation and translation services are key to good communication.