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Through two program options, Community Action's Early Head Start program provides early childhood development interventions to children ages birth to three, pregnant women, and their families. 


Come Check Out the NEW Early Head Start!

Early Head Start has moved to new locations to serve our community better.

1. Health 360 Center: located at 22nd & O Streets in Lincoln.
2. K Street Center: located at 18th & K Streets within the west wing of the Kaplan University building.

Early Head Start hallmarks:

  • Provides prenatal services to enhance development of infants and toddlers
  • Provides services at an early age, which has a significant impact on a child’s growth and development
  • Allows parents to get involved with in their child’s development
  • Offers home-based and center-based program options
  • Provides nutrition, medical and dental care
  • Ensures social and emotional engagement

Early Head Start was started in 1999 to meet the need of low-income families with pregnant mothers, infants, and toddlers up to age 3. Early Head Start was innovated out of the Head Start program to provide new families with needed medical, mental health, nutrition, and education services. Early Head Start helps makes sure that ALL children in our community have the opportunity to get the consistent, nurturing relationships and reliable routines that put them on the pathway to success.

Early Head Start is available through our new Early Head Start Centers, as a home-based program, or as a combination to meet the needs of the new family.


Application for Head Start Early Head Start:  

To apply for the program, please call (402) 875-9328 to set up an appointment, or click HERE and fill out an initial application.  

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